Monday, April 21, 2008

Bringing up healthy minds and bodies

Isn't it funny how when we women think about our bodies most of the time we think about how "fat" we are? then a few years later when we see a picture of ourselves at that time we say"wow, i was so thin!". Why is it that we are rarely happy with the way we look right now? When i think about 4 years ago--the last time Iwas truly thin--i remember that I still thought I was fat! So I am working on accepting myself no matter what size I am at the time. It makes my husband sad when I do nothing but run myself down because of the size I wear, and I can imagine it does not make the Lord any happier.

That being said, I believe we should be content people, accepting where we are and always living with joy, but I also believe we should improve the things we think need improving (if I ever figure out how to constantly reevaluate myself without degrading myself, I'll let you know). Or the things we feel convicted about. The thing i think needs improving is, of course, my weight, but the thing i feel convicted about is my attitude towards my weight and food. I do not believe God meant for us to be obsessed with food. We are to treat our bodies as temples, bringing them into subjection, but we are also not to worry about what we will eat tomorrow. I think God is saying there's a balance. We are to take care of our bodies, but not constantly worry about calories, or fat grams, or carbs (can you imagine Jesus--or anyone before the 20th century--counting grams of ANYTHING in their food? ha!). I realize that there is science--sometimes good science--behind all the eating theories, but i just can't help but think that most of our weight problems in this country stem from something other than food. Obession with food, depression (not living joyfully), boredom (being lazy), stress eating (not relying on God), constantly eating out, especially fast food (not planning and being good stewards of our finances and time)--all these things I believe are things that are pushing our collective scales upward. So it really is more an an attitude, or even spiritual problem. 33 years of age I think I am finally getting ahold of this "balance" concept. This does not mean I will not be interested in nutrition because I REALLY am. It fascinates me. Hey, I am the mom of 5, I MUST be interested in what goes into my little ones' bodies. But what I am working on handing down to my kids is a healthy awareness of their bodies and what food and attitude does to them. NOT an obsession with food and all things that make them feel good. Instant gratification is a problem in our country and it's making us unhealthy.

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