Friday, April 18, 2008

Do you love your life?

This thought have dominated my last few years.
I used to have real trouble living my life for what it was at the moment. There was always something better that i was planning for around the bend. My education, when my kids got older, when we had more money, when we lived in this place or that. Now, there's nothing wrong with planning, God says it's fine as long as we keep His will in the picture (James 4:15). But i was doing more than just planning. I was delaying life--laughing, having a good day, making memories. I was living a postponed life! Are you doing this? What things do you look back on with regret that you did not do them? I am not talking about career moves or even anything big, I am talking about smelling the roses. None of us will ever regret not spending more time on life's drudgeries. But we very well might regret not taking more time to look our kids in the eye when they ask us a question. We might regret not being present for every minute of our day--the good and the bad. Even bad experiences are worth having and owning. Let me encourage you to work with me on soaking up every second of your life. Be "there" for every moment.

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