Friday, April 25, 2008


Although this week has gone quickly, I always enjoy the days when I know I will get to see my husband all day. We are best friends and he makes me laugh all the time. It's great to be married to a guy like that.

I get to clean the house for him today. That may sound funny, but my dear husband really likes a clean house. His love language is service and that manifests itself in needing me to keep the house clean for him. Not everyone with a love language of service will need a clean house, but a neat nik like my hubby will. So I have promised him that everyday friday would be "bless my husband" day. I will make the house sparkle in anticipation of his getting to come home to relax with us all weekend. He does little things like this for me too--it's not one sided. But even if it were--my responsibility to be a good wife and friend to him does not depend on his being a good husband and friend to me. If I want to be blameless, then I have to do my part regardless of whether or not he does his. And many times it takes only ONE person in a relationship to turn the tide. Call it "heaping coals of kindness on their head", but normally people will repsond to someone who is kind to them and takes their needs and desires into consideration. It may not be immediate, but i have heard story after story where one person was obedient to the Lord's calling on them to "do their part" and they were rewarded with a better relationship.

I am so thankful for the man God gave me. And that's why i say "TGIF!" because time with my husband is sweet!


Lindsay said...

I am new to your blog - and just catching up (obviuosly since this is an April post). I just want you to know that I think it's awesome you set up a "Bless my husband Friday." I think I need to do that myself. So often we (women) get caught up in feeding/changing/feeding/changing/cleaning up kids messes/etc that by the time our hubbys come home, we're beat and the last thing we want to do is clean some more, or be touched by anyone else. Thanks for the awesome idea. The kids are sleeping and so I may just start that today! (after I'm done catching up on your blog of course!)

Cherishing My Days said...

lindsay--bless my hubby friday has been really such a blessing to dh. he looks forward to it in a way that i think is adorable. lol.