Sunday, May 18, 2008

And a salad for me!

in all this economical food planning i did leave some room for me to get my daily greens. i LOVE salad. it has been my favorite food since at least my late teens. salads are extremely versatile and very healthy. you can throw in anything you like. it does not have to be lettuce, carrots and eggs. i am not all that fond of any of those, although i do love a dark green (like kale or mustard greens, and especially arugula). for this sald i just diced up some tomato, red pepper, LOTS of fresh italian parsley, cucumbers, red onion, and mushrooms. i'd probably leave out the mushrooms next time, they did not add much. but i love my dressing. it's raw and good for any salad. it's just extra virgin olive oil (a good one!), fresh lime juice, and sea salt. it sets everything off perfectly. i do not prefer vinegars because they just seem to overpowering and acidic, but a small amount of a flavored vinegar is also good once in awhile, in place of the lime juice. other favorite salads i make are greens with tomato and red onion (red onion is in as much as i can get it in! i love it!) with raw blue cheese crumbled on top with the dressing i described above, or a greek salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, and kalamata olives if i have them or have the money for them. my favorite salad dressing is also good in this, adding fresh parsley and maybe some oregano.
i try to have a sald at least once a day--and these are dinner sized salads, meant to be a meal, not some measley little side salad. i can tell the difference in myself when i've been missing my raw veggies. i feel just......not so clean. plus, i love to take pictures of these salads--they are simply beauty in a bowl!

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