Friday, May 16, 2008

cheaply organic

an oxymoron?
i am trying to find out. after much prayer and reading and calculating and hand wringing (lol), i have challenged myself to cut our grocery budget in half. our budget has sky rocketed lately (really in the last 2 years), and since i really feel that we should be debt free when my husband gets out of the military in 3 years, and i really wanted to take that burden off my hard-working husband, i felt totally at peace that God would give me the ability to cut our grocery budget way down. but this has to be done healthfully. with a son with severe ADHD (and being reevaluated for other things), a daughter with allgergies (one of them to MSG, along with me), 3 other kids whose growing cells i want to fill with quality food, and a husband to nourish, it's just not an option for us to eat boxed mac and cheese and canned veggies for our meals. i do not sit in judgement of those that do that, but it's not for us. so with this heavy on my mind, i went about planning for a week. i read magazines, cookbooks, blogs, got ideas from my friends. i scoured the internet for recipes and for ideas on how to make almost 100% organic food work on a shoestring budget.

these are the meals i came up with:
*homemade pizzas (made with non-hydrogenated oil crusts, homemade sauce and hormone free cheese)
*red beans and rice (made with organic rice and beans and nitrite free sausage)
*spaghetti (made with organic tomatoes and hormone free, free range beef)
*chili and cornbread (again, organic tomato sauce, free range beef, organic beans, and, since i do not know how to make good cornbread yet, a package of trader joe's corn bread. homemade version coming sometime in the future)
*beef stew (made from my own organic beef bone broth, free range meat and organic potatoes)
*enchiladas from here: (replacing the chicken with ground beef since i am allergic to chicken)

for the kids' lunch i will be beans and meat topped with cheese and whatever veggies they want and giving them chips to dip it in. this will be lunch for a whole week.
breakfast will be oatmeal this week. costco has a great organic box o' oatmeal with different flavors for $9.45. 45 packets last us about 8 days.

so i have started my journey. i will be back to post pics because, well, i am a foodie and i love to take pics of food. lol.

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