Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cookbook Review

As i said in my last post, i used Katie Lee Joel's cookbook for almost all my dinner recipes for this week.

i really think this is a very useful cookbook for all of us who want to make economical food with down home appeal. it also appeals to my "eating clean, real food" requirement. the cookbook's premise is kind of hard to explain. it's probably like a gourmet's take on southern cooking. nothing is too expensive, but nor are we using bisquick for anything. with recipes like deviled eggs and egg salad, and fried green tomatoes, the cookbook is teaching me to make cheap, home cooked meals like i never knew how, yet it also offers the twists like pancakes with caramelized bananas or green bean casserole made WITHOUT gloop-ey cream of mushroom soup. there are a few more expensive recipes, but most of them seem quite affordable to make. cooking from this cookbook has also appealed to my husband's tastes because he has missed his mom's southern cooking since we got married. but i do not feel like i am making too many concessions with this cookbook. except, of course, to not eat too much starch.

if i find a recipe i do NOT like i will post about it, but until then i will say that this cookbook's recipes are southern, humbly gourmet, beautiful, and attainable all at once. i see this being a good resource for years to come.

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