Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my sweet little broken boy

tyson has broken his arm AGAIN. to say that he is all boy is quite the understatement. he's about 3 boys rolled into one. which is how he broke his arm the first time--jumping off a bed acting like superman (to be fair, all the kids were doing it, he just...did it wrong. lol). This time, though, he did it by rolling off the couch in his sleep. he and his brother had decided to have a slumber party in the living room and had been sleeping on the couch. tyson came to us crying at midnight and right away we could tell his arm was weird looking. so off to the ER we went. on the way there he told me he was "rolling through the air" and landed on his arm on the floor. but ya can't keep a good kid down. the very next day he was up and acting like nothing had happened, and was even outside riding his bike with one arm. all was well and good until he came down with the gook amber had been dealing with the next day. but in true tyson form, he got over that quickly and was caught by his daddy trying to jump off his top bunk last night. classic. maybe he'll settle down if he has to sport a full body cast? sigh.

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