Monday, June 30, 2008

My Low Carb (starch) menu for this week

So I am down 9 lbs, after being on this modified Atkins-type diet for 2 weeks. I would be down more, but last week we had to go to a high starch menu for financial reasons. My strategy there was just to wait until I was STARVING and then eat very little. Not a fun way to lose weight, let me tell ya. And on food I do not even enjoy, no less.

So, I have learned my lesson and am planning the begeebers out of my $275 budget. I was going to go to as much as $300, but REALLY want to make $275 work. This will save us $250 a month over what my original budget has been for the last few years, and MUCH more over what I was spending! So here is what we are eating for roughly $137.50 a week (may be more or less depending on how many days are in our payday):

*Ranch House Chicken with peas and bread (from a low carb cookbook. basically a whole cut up chicken slathered in homemade ranch sauce and roasted. Obviously the bread would not be for a person on a low starch diet--this is for my whole family. But you can have as much chicken as you want!)
*Lasagna (for me it was all the lasagna fixins without the noodles. It was quite tasty!)
*Pizza chicken (from the same low carb cookbook. chicken that tastes like pizza)
*Beef stir fry with carrots, pea pods, and rice for the fam
*Sausage and Potatoes (I will have sausage sauteed with something other than potatoes)

This is only 5 meals, but payday was today and I will go shopping again saturday. Also, anyone that knows me knows I cannot eat chicken, so this is not much of a meal plan for me (well, 2 of those meals, anyway), but the menu IS low starch, so I thought I'd post it. Since I am also trying to do this on a budget I did not want to push it my first time out. So I will eat many salads and do bunless loaded hamburgers to keep my protein and iron up.

For lunches I'll be making a whole chicken for my husband's and my kids' chicken salad sandwiches, and making myself salads like green bean salad, marinated tomatoes and balsamic glazed grilled sweet onions.

Breakfast is covered from this week.

I'll update next week with (hopefully) more weight loss!

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