Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Challenge

So now that I feel I have my cheap eating pretty much down (ends up being about $250 a payday, rock bottom), my next challenge is to lose weight cheaply.

I am of the low starch, high quality food crowd for losing weight. It's not that I believe things like potatoes and rice are BAD for us, but I do think they add too much energy to burn off if we are overweight, and especially if we are relatively sedentary (and NO, I am not saying being sedentary is healthy). Plus, I just do not believe God created our bodies to be slaves to the gym or the aerobics video. He made us to work, to be active, to walk--all natural things for our bodies to do.

So, since our bodies like to burn off carbs first, it only makes sense to eliminate those that take our bodies awhile to digest (leaving little time for the body to digest something else, like stored fat), or the ones that spike our glucose, bringing on an insulin reaction. Let me be clear, I am NOT saying to cut out "carbs". I hate it when people dismiss a "low carb" diet because "eating no veggies is not healthy". I would agree, and that is not at all what I am promoting. Even when I was on a strict Atkins diet I ate more salad than I ever did before. The things I do not like about the original Atkins diet are that he did not pay any mind to things like nitrites or MSG, or what the food source was (where it was grown and how). But the modern Atkins diet (their website) seems to be trying to be too politically correct by promoting the unsaturated fats as the way to health. I agree extra virgin olive oil is a good oil, but believe that ANY oil that God made for food is healthy. Meaning, yes--gasp!--butter and coconut oil are healthy. Trans fats--unnaturally "saturated" fats are not and never have been healthy (my mom knew this WAY before the trans fats warnings came out. she always told me to stay away from margarine, even when I was little). It's not only that I think modern diet advice is wrong, but that it's so wishy-washy that no one can trust it. 20 years ago "the experts" were saying that any and all fat was bad. Now they concede we need some fats, but refuse to acknowledge the need for saturates. What's it going to be 20 years from now? I think the answer is SO simple--go to the Bible. God told us what we should eat for health. Even if one does not believe in the Old Testament Biblical laws for food apply today, we have to admit that if butter or meat or milk were unhealthy in any way, the VERY specific laws God gave his chosen people 5000 years ago would most certainly have banned these "fattening" foods. But the opposite is true--not only were these foods not forbidden, they were *prized*. God never changes, so following His advice for health makes much more sense to me than following every obnoxious diet guru that comes out.

So, with that lengthy explanation (rant? lol) done, I am saying I will be trying to contain my budget to $300 a payday AND lose weight. My dear sweet husband will be coming along with me (although, you know, i think he's sexy anyway). We should enjoy rich, nourishing foods, no deprivation, and we will be able to eat when we are hungry! What a concept! What indulgence! All this while getting healthy. Praise the Lord for making real food. :)

I will be back soon with a menu!

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