Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great Quote

"There was nothing to say. All the talking was over. Only the doing remained."
from Red Sails to Capri

There are many things I have been TALKING about doing. Oh yes, losing weight is one (I think I will be talking about that for the rest of my life), but other things are making things for Christmas presents (I talked about that ALOT last year!), staying organized (I love DOING the organizing, but staying on top of it when it seems there are 6 incredible forces against me is wearing!), doing my Bible notebook (I have it started, but am not consistent in doing it everyday)--I could go on.

So I see this as what Paul talked about--"The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak". I need to stop allowing my weak flesh to tell me "It's okay to not do it--I am, after all, only one woman!", and other things like that. Yes, I do need to rest sometimes. I try to enjoy a good cooking magazine every once in awhile. But there is work to be done! I am not, by nature, a lazy person. But I do get overwhelmed at times with the sheer enormity of a task. When the house looks like someone threw in a grenade and shut the door, it's easy for me to despair. But is that really the best thing to do? What ever got done through despair? Despair is not going to clean my house, educate my kids or run my errands for me. So while the world vacillates wildly between work-a-holism and "me time", I think my goal needs to be peaceful steadiness. And to stop TALKING about it, for goodness sakes. Only the doing remains.


Luke said...

Wonderful book. Great post.


Cherishing My Days said...

thanks luke!
i agree about red sails!