Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hangin' In There

I am up to 10 pounds lost now. But wow, have I had to fight for it! The budget can be brutal at times, especially in the summer when we have 4 of our own birthdays, plus father's day and other relatives birthdays to celebrate. So my $275 budget can get busted pretty easily within the first week of payday and for the second week I am down to $50 for a week of food, when I am literally buying beans and cornbread to keep us on budget, or at least off credit cards. Beans and cornbread is not exactly weight loss food for a girl who an gain weight even looking at a grain, so the pounds have been stubborn. On a low starch diet I can lose around 7-8 pounds the first week and 4-5 the weeks thereafter. But at least I have stayed on my goal of 3 pounds a week. If I can just stay with that then I will reach my goal of 50 pounds by mid October. I know I CAN do it (all things through Christ! and I know He wants me to be as healthy as I can be nutritionally), and I really WANT to do it. So I have confidence it will get done. But you ladies out there know, we have mother nature to contend with. When she visits there can be real weight gain--like that of 5 pounds overnight. But this time I gained only half a pound! woo-hoo!

So onward and upward (actually downward. lol)!! Weight loss is NOT easy, but we are to die to self in alot of areas, and this is no different. Goals like this ARE acheiveable when "I bring my body into subjection..." (1 Corinthians 9:27) .


Lindsay said...

Congrats on the weight-loss! I am thrilled that you post your menus for the week, because I am what they call NOT Betty Crocker. I WANT to feed my kids organic food, but as you mentioned - it's pricey and we can't afford a lot of it. I buy what we can afford though. I may just have to check out that cookbook you mentioned. I've got two kids so anything quick and under 10 ingredients is fine by me!!

Cherishing My Days said...

hi lindsay!
the 500 recipe low carb cookbook, is that the one you are talking about? or katie lee joel's cookbook? both have been excellent resources for me. KLJ's is very simple stuff (most of it) and she uses some pretty common ingredients, so i find it very approachable. the 500 recipe low carb cookbook is SIMPLE. SO easy. and everything i've tried has been good.

payday is coming soon, so i'll be posting another menu! :)

Lindsay said...

Sweet - I was initially only talking about the KLJ's book, but the other one sounds awesome too - we eat entirely WAY too many carbs around here. Good for kids....BAD for parents! I will go check both out. Surely they have them on ebay or - half.com (a GREAT book resource I might add).

Cherishing My Days said...

yes, they would have both on amazon or half.com (love half.com, btw!). another source that i am LOVING is paperbackswap.com it's basically a place for you to list books you are willing to send to people, and you get books sent to you too. the only cost is shipping (when someone requests a book from you). that's where i got the 500 low carb recipes cookbook by dana carpender. they might have another one! when you upload 10 books to your bookshelf on paperbackswap, you get 2 free credits right away. it's been a lifesaver here!

and i totally agree with you on the carbs. whole food carbs are not bad for us, but they do not aid in weight loss in adults that are considerably more sedentary than children. lol.

Cherishing My Days said...

wanted to post a link to the 500 recipe cookbook on paperbackswap (and no, i am not affiliated with the site, i just really like it. lol).

and katie lee joel's cookbook is called the comfort table.

Lindsay said...

Thank you for that website - that's awesome! I wish I would have known about that before our garage sale! I better go dig up some books. Man I love this blog stuff - such great info out there!