Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Favorite Drink

With all this emphasis on food, I thought I'd post what I drink. mostly it's bottled water. but I gotta admit, I am just not a huge fan--really never have been. I drink it because it's good for me (and that's what adults do! lol!). Since breaking my addiction to soda and the high fructose corn syrup (a GMO product, most assuredly!) a year ago in March, I have not been able to break my affinity for fizz. This is where Perrier with lime (my lime, not theirs) comes in. I LOVE the stuff. And it comes in cute little bottles, perfect for a refresher. I have heard theories from some health people that say that carbonation is not good for us (because it's what our bodies get rid of--in the form of carbon dioxide--and we should not be taking it IN), but then I have heard from other health people that WATER is not really all that great for us. I'd say that bottled water is not the most natural thing to be taking in (plastics, weird processes, additives), and that traditional cultures probably drank milk, coconut milk, and probiotic drinks much more. However, until I am in a position to drink expensively as well as eat expensively, I'll have to do what I can. (And FWIW, I say "BUNK!" to people who say by the time we are thirsty we are already dehydrated. That's what God gave us our bodily signals for! That's like saying "By the time your stomach growls you are already hypoglycemic". And that's my rabbit trail for the day. lol)

For now, my little Perrier with lime in a GLASS bottle is just what this busy mom needs to keep me on track with eating--and drinking!--healthy.

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