Saturday, July 12, 2008

My New Love

For housecleaning, that is. This is not the greatest pic of my adorable son, but it IS a great pic of this new little machine that we got. It makes my life so much easier! It's from Quick Shine--some little swivel sweeper. I think it helps greatly that my husband is in love too. We keep the house to his specs (I love my organizing, but do not notice the floor needs vacuuming until I am stepping all over grit. lol), so anything that we can get where my kids can help with the chores is something we love.

We had banned the kids from using the big vacuum because all they did was either play with it or suck up things that should not go into a vacuum (think crayons and styrofoam blocks), thereby clogging it. But since we are trying desperately to instill in them a good work ethic and sense of cleanliness, we needed something we could let them use to vacuum the dining room. This fits the bill! It picks up dirt around the whole machine, so it's not limited to what's in front of it. And it swivels really easily, does not weigh a ton (unlike, say, a dyson vacuum), could be replaced for less than the price of a house payment (it was $30), and runs on a battery that seems to keep it's charge rather well. The only downside we've come across is that it wants to dump it's load if it's anything less than completely grounded (do NOT turn upside down!), and to empty it's tiny little tray, you have to touch the bottom (yuck!). but other than that, we LOVE our little pseudo vacuum!

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