Saturday, July 19, 2008

Next Week's Menu

No weight loss to report as of yet (the week is not over yet), but I have stayed near my low (within a pound) with virtually no gain on this new "eat when I am hungry" program that's as close to a diet as I can get right now.

So instead of focusing on what I have NOT accomplished, I thought looking at what changes I HAVE observed just losing 10 pounds:
*I have that "thin" feeling--even though I am not really thin, my belly feels flatter, my capris (yes, I have one pair. lol) are really loose on me, and I am not gassy (which happens when I eat alot of sugar). And I've gone down a size!
*I do not have that feeling of failure. that feeling of "gosh, I wonder how far along I'd be if I had started a month ago?". A month later, I am 10 pounds closer to my goal.
*Best of all, I feel better about myself. Any time I want to think "ugh, I am so fat" (which is not true and I know it. Why do we women say things like that to ourselves?) , I can tell that little voice in my head "AH! but I've lost 10 pounds!"

Funny, something else I have noticed about myself? This is not even a weight loss blog, yet what do I constantly post about? Certainly not "loving life right now"! For what it's worth I DO love my life. I am beyond blessed with my adorable husband who is the best earthly husband God ever made, and my precious kidlets. There is really not anything I am miserable about. Life is great! So why, WHY can I not post about THAT? SO maybe from now on I WILL. I will post my menu (because I always love finding ready made weekly menus out in webland), but by golly, I am going to post about LIFE--life past the point of silly numbers on the scale (I am afraid I will still have to post victoriously when I reach big goals. lol).

Okay! This is what we will eat this week! lol!
*Ground beef stroganoff
*Greisknokel (um....kind of like a dumpling. it's poor Austrian food--made from cream of wheat and butter and boiled in bone broth) with green salad
*Beans and cornbread
*Homemade pizza
*Hot dogs (nitrite, hormone, and antibiotic free, of course!)
*Pizza chicken--recipe from a couple of weeks ago. My family LOVED it.
*Fajita chicken stir fry with rice (my own concoction. so good)

Have fun this week! Make sure your family KNOWS you love them (walk the walk--don't just talk)! Draw closer to your Lord!

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