Monday, July 14, 2008

Self Control

Ah, now here's a subject. I know if I sit and think about all the ways I lack self control I would get very depressed very quickly. Some of the ways that immediately come to mind are my temper and eating. I know from studying the fruits of the spirit I am to be longsuffering. For me that means not only patient, but NICELY patient. Not getting angry while waiting--maybe in line, maybe in traffic, but also just for results--results in raising my children, results in losing weight.

I have been convicted about my self control, which is funny because that's always one area I did not think I had problems with. But I am realizing there is more to it than just not doing what I should not do and doing what I should because "the Bible says I should". It's more than just being disciplined in doing what needs to be done and finishing a task. It's more than just not giving in to every whim. It's about dying to self. It's about seeking God's best in every area and striving to do THAT, instead of relying on my own "will power".

I have been taught some things over the last few weeks. I have seen that I cannot just do whatever I want to do with anything, including food. My budget WAS out of control before May. I DID reign it in ALOT. But when I wanted to go further and lose weight MY way, I found I had hit a wall. There's nothing wrong with challenges--seeing how far something will go before you can't get anymore out of it. But when I realized my budget was not going to accomodate eating low starch, I got a little resentful. Instead of being thankful for the beans and cornbread we were blessed to have, I held it in distaste and just "got through it" because this was not the food I "should have" been eating or "would have chosen to" eat. When one thinks about the parents in Sudan and other parts of the world just trying to keep their children from being killed, one realizes in humility that eating beans and cornbread in a safe house and country is a richness that alot of the world does not enjoy. A little perspective is always good.

So I had an inner dialogue with God, asking sort of a rhetorical question about what I was supposed to do NOW--now that my budget just won't do how I know to lose weight. Of course, one can still eat healthy on a small budget, but as a true western world girl, I had been thinking mostly of weight loss. God brought back to my mind what I used to do while pregnant with my youngest child. This line of thinking was made popular by Gwen Shamblin and her "Weigh Down" plan. I am not crazy about everything in the book (namely that she does not really promote eating healthy food, just that you can eat whatever you want), but this concept is so easy, so obvious, so simple, it just seems silly to even have to type it out. lol. It's eating when your stomach growls, and stopping when you are satisfied (not stuffed). NOT eating when you are not physically hungry will stop alot of fat storage. If you are not eating when your body does not need fuel, there will be no excess to store as fat. I was hungry at lunch so I ate--a plum and 5-6 organic onion rings to be exact. I stopped when I felt pleasantly satisfied. If I am hungry at dinner, I will eat. If not, I will not. This simple little concept has taken SO much pressure off me! For YEARS I have been planning 2 different menus--one for me and one for the family. Now I can eat with them, if I am hungry. This week I was free to plan cheap but healthy (or at least made with healthy ingredients) meals. I do not have to go past my budget for "my" food. This DOES take self control, and I have no success to report since this is my first day. But right now I feel like this is all I can do, and that at least I am making an effort to lose weight. I am still at 10 lbs because of a date hubby and I had saturday night (and the ice cream he insist we have together. lol!), but I have faith that I will be able to take some weight off eating this way.

With ALL THAT being said, here is our menu for the work week (shopping again on saturday):
*Flat pies (from the Comfort Table by Katie Lee Joel)
*Stuffed french toast (2 pieces of bread sanwiched together with cream cheese and fruit preserves in the middle, and dipped in the traditional egg mixture for french toast, with maple syrup)
*Fiesta wontons (from The Comfort Table--tex mex flavored ground beef in crispy wonton wraps)
*Beans and rice with cornbread
*Logan County hamburgers (also from The comfort table. My husband LOVES these)

What a long post! Blessings and good health to you and yours! :)


Lindsay said...

My hubby & I are in the same boat with you - trying to eat healthy/loose weight, but don't have the budget to go "all out." Thank you for that new perspective!Really - aren't we just to nourish our bodies...not overstuff them with a whole bunch of junk?! Part of living in this part of the world I suppose. Question: What do you end up spending per week per person? I know someone who spends $15/pp per week...and mostly organic stuff - I can't really understand how she does that.

Cherishing My Days said...

hey lindsay!

yes, i agree with you on nourishing our bodies and not eating junk. living cells need living food. have you read nourishing traditions? it's such a great book--very informative about how traditional cultures used to eat--NOURISHING their bodies on real food.

for this week it looks like i have spent $17.88 per person. that sounds like SO little! but it sure does add up. and mine is mostly organic too. the things i spend the money on for organic are meat, dairy (we actually try to do raw dairy, but have not had access to it in a few months), and high pesticide produce. here's a list of that in case you do not have one:

topping the list for us is strawberries and bell peppers. things we love but cannot justify eating the pesticides that grow into them. so if i cannot afford organic strawberries, we do not eat them. but things like avocados, bananas, etc with thick skins are less important to buy organic.

Lindsay said...

I am having trouble accessing that website you posted - could you post again? You made great points about the strawberries and peppers - something I never really thought of. We're growing our own tomatoes and jalepenos right now - maybe next year we'll get into strawberries and peppers. Mmmm. Thanks again for the insight - I'm new at this.

Cherishing My Days said...

for some reason i cannot figure out how to post direct links, so you'll need to copy and paste the link into your browser. or is that what you did and could not get it to work? i tried it and it seems to be working.

and yay for you on the tomatoes and peppers! i SO want to garden, but living in vegas means very little chance of that.

Lindsay said...

Oh, there it worked. I must not have gotten the whole link copied the first time.
Well, living there probably isn't good growing conditions, but I bet you have plenty of organic places to buy stuff! We're just getting stuff here where we live - so hopefully it'll get better.
To paste a link: highlight a word your typing and then go up to the top part of your screen and there is a little icon that looks like a chain lying horizontal - click that, and then put your websites in that box and hit done. Then, when you post your stuff, you should be able to click that word you highlighted initially and it'll take you to that website....

Cherishing My Days said...

thanks, lindsay, i'll try that next time!

and yes, we do have things like whole foods and trader joes, but WF is WAY out of our budget and trader joe's is so FAR (45 minutes through traffic) that with gas prices like they are it too is out of our league.

but i dreamed of living in a place where i could "go to whole foods whenever i want", and now that i am here i am thank the Lord has shown me that what i really need is to live in a community where grassfed beef, organic produce and raw dairy is available from the farmer. and to grow my own garden! lol!