Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can You Feel It?

It was 75 degrees here this morning. That may seem warm to many, but we've had an entire summer of 113 degrees with lows of 85. Today it will be 95. For those of us living in the desert southwest, that's a signal that fall is coming. I can see it in the position of the sun, the goldenness of it's shade in the evening. I can't quite smell it yet, but hey--it's only the last day of August. From the end of the July every year my spirit starts to cry out for a season change. I love fall. I love the reminders that God is in control, and that He has set such beautiful hallmarks in motion. And as much as I hate the summers here, I love living in a place that actually cools down in the fall. I get so excited when I see things so slightly changing, like this tree in the picture. Ever so slowly, day by day, it gets cooler, the days get more enjoyable, and much more colorful. I hope you are enjoying seeing the season readying for change around your home!


My Inspired Heart said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been rushing outside every morning at 6am to sit on the porch with my cup of coffee and soak in the changing breeze and lower humidity. It is SO nice when you can feel the seasonal shift and the change of light....ahhhh, may be my favorite season!

Cherishing My Days said...

looks like you "get it". this time of year until january is my favorite.