Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lovely Things

I was thinking how fitting Philippians 4:8 is for this blog post. Not in a spiritual sense, but more in an everyday, practical sense. Making these little skirts for my girls brought me alot of joy. Both the skirts and my girls are "lovely". It made me thankful for my girlies in a new way. I felt connected to them in our girliness, in our innate femininity. It was a "good report" when I got the skirts done and they could all wear them together and they loved them. This little skirt on this little girl....luscious.

Three little girls in a row. Amber looks up to her sisters so much and tries to be like them.

Ring around the roses. They really do enjoy each other.

I used this tutorial from house on hill road:


It was easy. Literally 5 main steps. By half way through the second one I had the pattern memorized. So yes, I will be making more of these lovely things for my little lovelies.


Lindsay said...

Those are just too stinkin' adorable. LOVE the pattern!

Cherishing My Days said...

do you sew?

My Inspired Heart said...

Hi! I found your blog via your flickr link....and love the skirt fabric you chose. I made a twirly skirt, too, a couple of weeks ago and I just ordered the birdie sling pattern. I also love the fabric you chose for your bag....my favorite combo so far! It looks really big...although I do like a fairly large bag...but I love the look, the overall style of the bag. I can't wait to get my pattern...although I am dreading the hundred or so yards of fabric it'll take, lol!! ;)

Cherishing My Days said...

why, thank you very much! i visited (and loved!) your blog too. we have so many of the same interests!

the birdie sling is something i cannot wait to make again--not because it was such a breeze like the twirly skirt, but because the results are so spectacular and practical. i did not think it was *that* big a bag when i first made it, but now that i use it alot, i see that it really is big. i think it's good big, though, not obnoxious big.

someone on one of your comments said you were an alabama homeschooling mom. my husband is from huntsville, and we just moved from panama city, FL (also known as lower alabama. lol).