Thursday, September 4, 2008

Election Year Division

Ugh. Can I just say how much I HATE election years? The political commercials, the yelling back and forth on the cable news talk shows, the rifts that seem to form in friendships over issues disagreed on--it all gets so old for me before the primaries even begin. Only 60 more days. Then we can move on to the legal battles over hanging chads and voting booth tampering. Double ugh.

I am not a natural peace maker, so it must be the work the Holy Spirit is doing in me that makes me dislike the discord so much. My flesh loves to argue. But it's definitely anti-peace, and I am called to live in peace with my brother. I guess this is why there is one issue that is bothering me so much.

Sarah Palin. Whatever mental image that name brings up, I am sure there would be someone to disagree with you. I think everyone agrees she is fiesty, smart, a fighter, and a regular gal. But in the Christian realm there is some disagreement over whether or not she should be running for vice president. I understand the concerns--I have them myself. She has made choices that do not jive with my belief that moms are to stay home with their children whenever possible. I believe that's the role the Lord has given us, and I am more than happy to fulfilll it. I am my husband's help, my children's mom, the Lord's obedient (I hope most of the time!) daughter. Those are the only titles I need, and frankly I believe the only titles ALL Christian moms need to be fulfilled. (And no, I am not trying to be legalistic. I know there will always be circumstances where moms have to work. I am just saying that, according to Scripture, this is God's best--for us to be wives and moms and not to *seek* outside work. Whether or not this can always be the case in every Christian family is up to that family, and never are we called to judge one another on these decisions.)

But here's the thing: while I believe that Sarah Palin's highest calling is to be her husband's helper and her children's mom, and NOT to be governor or vice president, what about the Biblical calling for a *man* to be leader of his home FIRST and trainer of his children and a loving husband to his wife? Why are we holding Sarah Palin up to Biblical standards and not any male politician who holds (most of) our beliefs? What male politician has the time to "walk in the way" with his children and "train them in the way they should go"? What male politician is there when his kids "rise up" and when they "lie down"? Why are we asking this of Sarah Palin and not Joh Mccain (or any other male politician we would like)? And I am not asking this in a whiney, feminist way. I am just trying to be even-handed. If one sex is held up to the Bible, the other should be also.

We have no perfect candidates. John Mccain is not my first choice (neither was George W Bush, BTW), and yes, I would prefer that Sarah Palin stay home with her children that obviosly need her SO much right now. BUt at the end of the day, I am voting on issues. Since I must vote or I cannot complain about what happens, and a vote not cast is a vote for Obama, I will be voting for the imperfect ticket of Mccain/Palin. An imperfect choice for an imperfect person (me) and an imperfect nation.

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