Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Kids' Trip to the Mountains

Anna--can you tell she is just ecstatic?

The boys, riding off into the sunset (okay, not really. lol)

Kids with their daddy and the mountains in the background

We, in this barren desert of tumbleweed and concrete, have BEAUTIFUL mountain scenery at our fingertips just about 45 minutes away. Mount Charleston is a skier's retreat in the winter, and getaway for any of us Las Vegans looking for a respite from the heat or, in more moderate October, just from our usual gray-ish brown lanscape.

We took the kids there saturday and enjoyed the 56 degree weather, hiking, and connection to God's green earth. No sooner had we gotten to our trail that a couple of horse-riding women came along, stopped for pictures and to let the kids pet the horses, and then offered them rides! Our four oldest were thrilled and hopped right on. What lovely, generous women these were to offer strangers' children rides. I am so glad I took my camera!

We will be making these trips more often. Chris already has our next go planned for this monday when he is off from work. Our kids were so happy to welcome fall in this way!


Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

How great! God blessed your little ones with such a wonderful treat! Isnt He so awesome like that?! The mountains are absolutely gorgeous. And I love the pics of your yellow trees. There is nothing more beautiful than Gods majestic nature...besides our kids, of course! lol So glad you all had that special family time!

My Inspired Heart said...

beautiful mountains...and how great to get a view like that with only a 45 minute drive! Looks like a fun time :)

Cherishing My Days said...

mmmmm, yes, it IS really nice. living in vegas you almost forget that they are there (even though they are part of the landscape), but we sure do enjoy it when we get up there!