Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let It Snow

My camera messed this shot up, but I have photographic evidence that my husband was trying to assault me with snow.

Amber eating snow

I find it so cute that they still flirt after 35 years.

Amber, eating snow. Yes, this is ALL she did the whole time we were there.

A pic of my cretins

The family that came to visit--my mom, sister, and my dad
It was such an exciting trip to snow land friday. WE decided to skip the crowds at the crazy stores (does anyone else think "Black Friday" sounds a bit ominous? seriously.), and went on a trek through the snow kissed mountains outside Las Vegas. We were so glad we did. We found this field of snow where dads were pulling their bundled up little snow people on sleds, while moms like me snapped pictures. The Mount Charleston area is officially Las Vegas's saving grace. WE love it up there, no matter the season, but fall and winter are especially captivating. So our kids and their grandpa threw snowballs at each other while we all tried not to freeze in our pulled together winter gear (oh, it's sad. we really need to invest in some real winter clothes. lol). I must say, this was the perfect way to bring in the Christmas cheer!


My Inspired Heart said...

Love the snow....I can imagine how wonderful it is to bring in the season with snow! I'd love to have a white Christmas at least once :)

Cherishing My Days said...

hey sandra! i think y'all came pretty close to snow this last week, didn't you? new orleans got pounded, but pensacola did not get anything. a few years ago we got sleet on christmas even in pensacola, so not quite white, but almost! lol.