Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Blessings for the Day

Today I have been my husband's wife for 12 years. I am so thankful for him. What a great hubby he is! He's infinitely patient (which I need), gentle (I could not follow a hard-fisted leader), and a wonderful father (why else would I have 6 kids with him? lol.). He's also got some pretty great blue eyes, which helps. :) And he loves me fat or thin--which is good when I am pregnant.

I got an ultrasound yesterday which showed a very healthy little baby in there. I am between 11 and 12 weeks. Both the tech and I think we saw little boy parts in there (I've suspected all along), which would not surprise me since the sickness this time has not been as bad as it has been with my girls. But this brings me to my next blessing:

Raw milk. I know I've done a post about it before, but it really is miracle food for me. I know not everyone responds the same to anything, but I think raw milk is what turned the corner for me this pregnancy. Even when I was pregnant with my boys I was sick for at least another month over what I am now. Now, I am not 100%, and will still get really sick if I do not eat what seems like every hour, but considering I have not thrown up in almost a week or had intestinal, um, distress for almost that long tells me that I needed the nutrients in the raw milk (pasteurization changes too much about milk for it to even be the same food). The change was so sudden and so early that I worried my baby was not doing well, but that's not the case. I got the milk Monday and noticed a difference that evening. Even though I am pro-raw milk, I am still surprised at the difference it has made in my health! Praise the Lord.


Anonymous said...


I liked your story about raw milk. Hope you don't mind me excerpting it and the photo of you for theBovine, which is a blog I'm doing about raw milk.

I was also looking for your previous post about raw milk but I couldn't find it -- just looking throught the titles in your archive. What's it called, or was it in one of your other blogs -- I see you write a lot of them.

John D

Cherishing My Days said...

hi john!
i do not mind at all. if it helps even one poor pregnant mama get relief from the horrible pregnancy sickness i have suffered (never had a good source for raw milk until now), it will be worth it.

my other post was called "peaches and cream(-y milk)". i do not think i said anything profound in there because most of the people that read my blog (i have only one, BTW) have heard me extoll the virtues of raw milk ad nauseum. lol. so i think that post may have been just an encouragement (enticement?) to try raw milk.

Luke said...

Happy Anniversary!


Cherishing My Days said...

thanks, luke! :)

My Inspired Heart said... your views of raw milk. I wish I would have known about the benefits to morning (all day) sickness with my kiddos. I had about 6 months of misery with each pregnancy. I am still intrigued with the health benefits and want to get my hands on some very soon!

Cherishing My Days said...

hey sandra!
there has GOT to be a supplier in your area. i tried to find someone in pensacola (my parents live there), but the only supply i could find was at ev'rmans coop. which was fine, the prices are not bad. but when i lived in panama city i had a weekly supplier. not sure if you'd want to go all the way over there. raw milk freezes well, so getting some once a month would be okay.
here's the site where lots of raw milk suppliers are listed. to protect themselves they tell you their milk is for pet consumption, but they cannot stop you from drinking it. lol:

Judy Kay said...

steph, i found the exact same results with raw milk in this pregnancy (and my last one). a big glass right before bed was the only thing that kept me still feeling okay when i got up in the morning (it at least gave me enough time to get breakfast!). so glad something is helping you so much - i'm a believer!

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

What a beautiful picture of you two! Happy anniversary and to God be the glory, eh? :o) I hope you guys were able to celebrate... even if that meant just a few quiet alone minutes while sharing a tall glass of raw milk! lol Gosh, wish I could have tried that with Natalie. I was soooo sick. Ginger didnt work. Vitamins didnt work. Food didnt work...quite the opposite, in fact. Peppermint tea didnt work. Only meds that made me feel so sleepy, and thats no good for a mom to be useless! Maybe I will check that out and pass on the suggestion to any expecting mamas. BTW, how fun to see your baby! So precious. Hope you continue to feel better!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, did you see this recent post on the Bovine about a nurse who drank raw milk during pregnancy. Here's the link. Thanks for your comment by the way.

Cherishing My Days said...

hi john!
yes, i did. i read the whole thing. very interesting story. i find it so funny that officials are so scared of raw milk, yet pasteurized milk has killed people. not to mention all the food borne illness that happens from people's eating raw veggies and fruits--which the gov't promotes!
i am glad you are out there telling people about raw milk. i do not know of any other blogs devoted exclusively to it.