Friday, December 26, 2008

Looking Towards the New Year

Yes, I know that yesterday was Christmas, and that most of us are still digesting yesterday's goodies and not thinking about a new start. But, since I am pregnant, my thinking is accelerated, especially since I am looking at feeling much better in the next few weeks. I have been thinking about what my goals (what GOD'S goals) will be for our family for the coming year. What should my personal goals be?

I was not raised with the tradition of "new year's resolutions" and to this day am not sure I've ever really made one. Yes, I've started weight loss plans on January 1st, but more because the day was convenient, not really out of any ritualistic reason. This year, since I will not be trying to lose weight until at least May, I have the brain power to think about other things (because the weight obssesion has been taken out of my hands. lol).

Some of my ponderings have included:
*setting up our homeschool room in a workable, organized fashion to facilitate both learning and relaxation (no one can effectively read a book while they are jumping up and down from an over stimulating environment)
*possibly starting a "schedule". Right now we do not have a solid time to get up, though I do not let the older kids sleep past 8 am since we'd get nothing done with kids who sleep until noon, and because they go to bed in plenty of time to get 10-12 hours of sleep a night. We do snack around 9am, and lunch around 11. But the rest of the day is pretty open. We get things done when we can, with homeschooling happening most often in the morning. Dinner happens around 5. So even though our day is not completely free-form, I have been eye-balling the book "Managers of Their Homes" by Terri Maxwell. I have heard SUCH good things about it, and then some bad things about it, like infant scheduling (something I completely disagree with for baby's health. My babies are always starving at 2 hours between feedings, and would be hysterical at 4). I do wonder if I *need* this book, or if I just *think* I need it. lol.
*working on my kids' discipline/hearts/attitudes, etc. sigh. This is an area where I struggle. I do not have many problems with following through and keeping my word on what I say I will do where discipline is concerned, but I think I do have a problem implementing the whole thing with GRACE and PATIENCE. And I believe my struggle with it seeps into my kids' dealings with each other too. I see their impatience and curtness with each other and think it can't help but come from me. I sometimes see a lack of compassion when they deal with each other. That also comes from me. I am a loving mom who hugs and kisses and praises my kids all day, and see it reflected in my kids' affection for their family. But my temperament (the person the Lord saved and continues to try to refine everyday) is one of staunchness, one that expects people to toe the line, one that can be irritated by hurt little hearts if they have not obeyed. So maybe what I mean to say in this category is that I need to work on MYSELF and maybe my kids will change.
*This one is a big one for me: trying to be more girly for my hubby. Oh, how I hate doing my hair. It's rebelliously curly in some spots, wavy in others, and fuzzy all over. And makeup just does not register in my mind when I barely look in the mirror. But my husband really likes it when I put forth effort to look like his woman, rather than his worn out housekeeper.
*and then there's just the miscellaneous stuff: sewing for profit or just for baby? organizing the house so that it almost runs itself (ah, if that were possible), and eventually, yes, losing the baby weight.

So this lengthy post is all about what I have been thinking about. Any comments about what I"ve said, advice, or your own goals are very welcome as I can use the company brain storming!


Melissa Vigue said...

I love your post. I, too, don't set New Year's Resolutions. If you would like, I could send you "Managers of Their Homes".

My Inspired Heart said...

love this post and I identify with so many of the things you have listed here...especially organizing the homeschool thing more and being more presentable for hubby! There are truly days that go by where I never look into the mirror until after he is back home in the evenings...and it really makes me wonder what he truly thinks about me, lol!

It's amazing how being a mom at home, homeschooling and doing chores, and trying desperately to find a moment to yourself at some point to sit and gather a few of your own thoughts, the time just slips away and you lose all thoughts concerning yourself - especially those that have to do with whether your hair is fixed or if you put on any makeup. This exact thing has been heavily on my heart and mind lately. Maybe this year will be our year to make a beautiful turn around :)

Cherishing My Days said...

sandra--you are so right! the mirror does not even factor into my day. but with this new hair cut (thanks for the compliment, BTW!) makes it to where i can wash and go and it looks good. whew. one goasl down, 14,000 to go. lol!

Kristin said...

I love your haircut!

I think instead of making my own New Year's Resolutions, I'll just use yours. Lol. I've been feeling a bit stressed about not having a schedule or more formal homeschooling and it's only been worse since we moved. I'm trying not to stress out about the fact that we've been here nearly a month and I still have about twenty boxes stacked in my kitchen waiting to be unpacked.

I, too, have considered Managers of Their Homes. I'm hoping that it will be an easy solution to at least one of my problems, but maybe there is a better option out there.

Cherishing My Days said...

hi kristin!
what a cute family you have! we almost named our oldest teagan!
sounds like you are in just about the same spot as i am where the house, homeschooling and pregnancy (even the number of child! lol). maybe we will get a period of nesting soon that will see us running like pot-bellied whirlwinds through our houses? lol. one can hope, right? :)