Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Week in Pictures

Our week has been one of celebration preparation, and of first snows, and of Christmas parties where the kids made these sweet little gingerbread houses.

And Amber stood in the snow, not quite sure how she felt about this cold, wet stuff.

And of scenes of snowy Sunrise Mountain--pay no attention to the ugly construction site in the foreground. This is sunrise mountain--I've NEVER seen snow on it, so this is an amazing site. Seeing this snow falling at our meeting, my fellow homeschool moms remarked "This is not QUITE a God-forsaken place afterall!". lol. I think there is a verse in the Bible just for us "The Lord hath remembered us"--us Las Vegans who miss snow badly.

Watching Anna, taking a bite out of life when we got home and it was snowing. This is our kids' first time in falling snow.

This GORGEOUS salad from here:

It's wonderful fresh, not quite as good as leftovers, so cut the recipe down, because boy, does it make ALOT! It was a real treat for me to make something just for me.

We've had a full week--packed with joys and struggles, the very things that make family life so full and worthwhile.


Heather said...

WOW that salad looks amazing!!!!

And snow in Vegas... global warming HA HA HA... we have a friend who was flying through Vegas yesterday, his flight was grounded because of frost/snow and they didn't have the right equipment to deal with it!!

Cherishing My Days said...

lol, heather! yes, every time someone has frigid weather i tell my mom "it must be that global warming!". ha! your poor friend. the one week vegas has snow in 5 years and he's grounded.

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

It amazes me that your children have gone so long without seeing snow! Its a good reminder that each persons little corner of the world is vastly different from others corners. Such a vast world we live in. BTW, beautiful pics of the kids and your new home. Your little ones are so precious...getting bigger and bigger!

I never got my Christmas cards sent out this year, but I wanted to wish you and your family a warm and Christ-filled Christmas from my family to yours. Hugs from CT!

Cherishing My Days said...

i know! i think about all the kids for whom snow is a yearly event and wonder how different their concept of seasons must be. my kids are THRILLED to go to the mountains and be in snow, but i am sure kids in CT get really sick of it come february. lol.