Saturday, January 31, 2009

Proverbs 31:3

"Give not thy strength to women, nor thy ways too that which destroyeth kings."

I read commentary on this verse that said that kings and men in charge have to be especially vigilant against women who would be turned on by their power, more than other men. That may be true, but every man is, or most will be, in charge of a family. Temptation of the flesh is a real problem for men who are away from their families all day long, most working with women. Some women are especially attracted to family men--maybe this is a special tool used by the enemy to destroy families. I as a mother have to warn my sons against the draw of the flesh, both when they are young and when they are married--warn them against allowing Satan to get a foothold in their lives whereby he might destroy them before they have a chance to get a family, or even worse, destroy their families through them. The Devil is as a roaring lion, walking around seeking people, and families, to devour. The temptation of the flesh is real--not just on a sexual level, but in any area in which we have weakness. Reminding my boys of this, and even protecting my husband's heart against flattering women, is my job as mother and helpmeet. Lord, let me never be lulled to sleep, thinking that because we are a Christian family temptation cannot rise up and choke our family. Help me to be vigilant, and help me to be an intructor my sons (and daughters!) will listen to.


Sandra said...

i fully your posts!

Cherishing My Days said...

thanks, sandra!