Thursday, February 12, 2009

Passing It On

I just have to show my little girls' accomplishments after yesterday's post about working with my hands. They have taken to cutting up old sheets and making clothes for their webkinz and Barbies out of them. They cut, they sew, they clothe their toys, and then they sit and glow. It is the cutest thing to see them revel in the accomplishment of making something that *fits* (not perfectly yet, but it will come). Their first few times were not successful. They'd cut and not leave any room for seam allowance, or they'd sew over arm holes, etc. But allowing them to fail and try again, I think, makes them all the more satisfied when something THEY do all on their own finally works. I must admit to not being *thrilled* that they are on my sewing machine, but I am trying to keep my lip zipped while they figure the whole thing out.

This is another great thing about homeschooling: their freedom to learn a new skill without doing it for a grade. They are doing this just for the sheer love of doing it, not because it's an "assignment". I know from taking home ec. myself 3 times in my schooling that sewing for a grade makes it STRESSFUL. I am all about teaching my kids marketable skills, but I also want them to LOVE it. If they feel like sewing--or anything!--is life and death, it sucks all the joy out of it and ends up being something they "have" to do, not something they "want" to do. It is SO satisfying for me to see them "working willingly with their hands".


Sandra said...

LOVE this! I agree... let them learn to love it and it will stay with them forever. Nothing better than working with your hands!

Cherishing My Days said...

thanks, sandra! you are so right!