Friday, March 13, 2009

Proverbs 31:23

"Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land."

Why mention this lady's husband in this section where the lady herself is being praised? It seems that this verse DOES, in fact, praise Mrs. Proverbs 31. Could her husband sit with the elders and be in counsel at the city gates if she were a BAD wife? Not if she were so bad that everyone knew it. And maybe not if she were bad enough that only her husband knew it. If he knew things at home were not taken care of, he would be distracted, maybe always having to come home because of bad circumstances happening there. And if his wife had a bad reputation in the city, her husband would be laughed at for thinking he could be in a position of power.

I guess this is the Biblical version of "Behind every good man there is a good woman", because this woman did her husband well, and his heart trusted in her. Could his heart trust in her if she were mess? Children running amuck? I don't think we even have to get to the "servants rioting, police being called to her house" kind of mess. I believe that all it would take would be for her to not be running things at home very well for her husband to not be completely confident that she could handle things while he was away. My husband tells me about wives who make life miserable for their husbands at work. Always calling, always demanding, always needing this or that. That does not reflect well on the husband. It makes him look weak, and it also puts questions in the minds of the people he works with as to whether or not he can REALLY handle more responsibility.

Can my husband's heart trust me? In most things I would say yes. But is there an area where his heart trusts me less? Do I have room for improvement which could free him up to advance at work better? One thing I know, I better make sure my part is being taken care of at home so that my husband can be respected in the gates where he's employed. To do any less would not be doing my husband well all the days of his life.


Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

love your thoughts very true!

**about your skirt sewing questions....the term "overlock" means to sew the seam on a serger (it just prevents any kind of fraying) but you can just as well sew your normal straight stitch and then, just on the seam allowance, sew a little zigzag stitch...again, to prevent excessive fraying.

her term "long tail" means, pull a 5" or so piece of thread from your sewing machine (the main and bobbin threads, not cutting it, though) and then place the edge of the "ruffle" piece there to sew a gathering stitch (very loosely, like #4 on your dial) and then, once the gathering stitch is there, pull out another 4-5" or so before cutting. This way, you have some length to hold onto while you gather the ruffle portion.

I just measured Emma and guess-timated her sizing for the skirt. For her, and she's probably a full size 7, the pieces were cut to these sizes:

the top of the skirt 35"x11"
bottom "ruffle" of the skirt 44"x6.5"

I just seamed up each skirt section, ran a gathering stitch on the ruffle portion, gathered slightly to fit the top portion, pinned in place. I then sewed the two pieces together, ironed the seam allowance to the top and sewed a top stitch at the seam to keep it from flip-flopping. I added a simple hem and top elastic (3/8", i think) and that's it.

i hope i didn't confuse you even worse :-/ if you have any questions, email

sorry to post all this on your blog, but i couldn't find your email, lol!

Cherishing My Days said...

thanks so much, sandra! including the sizing for your little one helped immensely too. you're the best! :)