Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Proverbs 31:26

"She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness."

I am a little red-faced at this verse. Wow, what a convicting few words. While my husband was gone I was less than wise and kind when I opened my mouth. I love my children to little bits, but I was overwhelmed and tired. Now that he is back, I see how I might have hurt little feelings and was too quick to react in anger. Sometimes I lull myself to sleep thinking about how I NEVER swear at my children or call them names, yet I know what the Bible says about the tongue. That it can sink ships (or my household), that it's uncontrollable, that it can cut to the quick. I find it a little painful that the Lord has brought me to this verse as my first post after my husband's absence. I am so unqualified to say anything to anyone here. The anger that rolls off my tongue is my besetting sin and I am constantly aware of it. I get so sick of having the same struggle over and over, the same struggle that I had when I was 10!

What I think the Lord wants me to get from this verse is that opening my mouth with wisdom is simply choosing to NOT open my mouth when it is NOT wise. I must say, I know the Lord has brought me far in this area because I used to not be able to keep my mouth shut. My opinion was ALWAYS needed. Now I can at least control my tongue with my husband--sometimes. For me, sometimes is alot of progress! What I probably need to do is never open my mouth at all when I am pregnant or tired. lol. Throw in either or those circumstances, coupled with other struggles I've had this pregnancy, and the urge to use my tongue like a whip is almost more than I can overcome on my own. But we all know I am not supposed to do it on my own.

The law of kindness is an interesting phrase--what IS the law of kindness? Might that just be another way of saying that kindness rules her tongue? That she does not speak what is unkind? My 5th grade teacher used to always tell us before we said something make sure it was "kind, true, and necessary". I've never forgotten that! Or is the law of kindness like "a soft answer turneth away wrath"? Like a physical law that always works? I wonder. I think either is probably a good way to interpret the phrase, but I wonder if anyone else has any thoughts?

I can't believe this study has taken me almost 2 months, but I am so glad I've gone through this. These last few verses have been really convicting, and ones that I want the Lord to bring to my mind when I need them.

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Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Good one for me to remember, too! I also can say that I dont swear or call my children names. Yet, sometimes it takes alot less than that to squash their joy. Kind words are what I strive for...and need to pray for help with. We learned a similar phrase...is it a ten statement? True, Edifying, Necessary. All of the above rule out ALOT! (chuckle) Sometimes I sing when Im frustrated...keeps my mouth busy with Praise vrs. my own words. THanks for the study, Steph. Great posts.