Saturday, March 14, 2009

Willingly Working with My Hands

This is Proverbs 31-ish, right? lol. Alright, so I just wanted to showcase this adorable skirt I completed in a very short amount of time for my littlest princess today. She was not in the mood to model, so this skirt's on it's own.
I must thank Sandra of MyInspiredHeart (link in my blog list, can't make it hyperlink here for some reason) for posting the link to the turtorial that led to this sweet little skirt. And for her help understanding what any of it meant. lol. I can't follow patterns, but I can follow a pictorial, given that the author does not use too many formal sewing terms. Which is why I needed Sandra's help for this one.
This skirt ends up being just the right length--a little below the knee. It's easily adjusted to be longer, also. I can see making one in about an hour once I know the steps by heart.
Now I need to go evaluate my girls' closets for the spring and summer so I know how many skirts they will need! lol.


Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

so cute, Steph! Love the fabric choices. Do you quilt? You have a knack for picking out fabrics that compliment each other. Way to put that Proverb into action. :o)

Cherishing My Days said...

thanks, jess!
no, not a quilter here. i tried once and realized it did NOT like me. i think it's because it's too exact. my seams did not even lay flat. lol.

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

lol..ya, youre right. Its alot of figuring out which way to press the seams, measuring, measuring. I dont get to do it as often as I like, but it does give me alot of satisfaction when it does come out right. Anyway, youre good at what youre doing. Such adorable clothes, AND your kids can wear practical. Clothes can be so pricey. I get them super clearanced, but then you dont always get to be as chosey about the colors, etc...not like getting to pick them out their own fabrics! Now that Julia is getting older, its getting harder to find appropriate and cute (so many things make the kids look older or black colors, tight fitting, etc) clothes. I still find them, but more of a challenge. I do have a sewing machine. Maybe I need to dust it off more often!!! Oh, to find the time! ;o)

Sandra - My Inspired Heart said...

Stephanie you did a great job! love the skirt and the fabric! They are pretty easy to make when you get going....kinda like an assembly line if you're making a few... :-D