Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 Important Causes

First off, there is a Chinese Christian in need of thousands--even millions--of other Christian voices to cry out for him. He was kidnapped from his home a few months ago because he is an attorney who defends Christians in China. This man had already been kidnapped and tortured by the Chinese government, so it's only natural that the same assumption be made as to what is happening to him now. Please go to http://www.freegao.com/bg_ChinaAidPetitions_FreeGao-EmailOfficials_375.html?refnum= and sign up to send Chinese officials emails about this man. I also signed a petition that this site sent to the Chinese government, which they met with nothing but silence. Please--this brother in Christ needs this mistreatment to not disappear from our minds or our prayers. We who sit in comfortable houses a continent away can make the time and effort to try to make a difference.

Also, Nancy Campbell, of Above Rubies Magazine, fell and broke her arm pretty severely recently. She does not have the money to have the needed surgery, and without the surgery she could lose much of the use of her left arm. I am linking the blog that linked the donation page that I used because I am not computer savvy enough to know how to do that myself. lol.
If the Lord leads you to help this homeschooling mom who has been such a blessing to women, please help.

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