Sunday, April 5, 2009

This is Our Cat

Her name is Minnie. Minnie Caroline, to be exact. Named after my youngest son's penpal. She is a beautiful cat. We think she comes from the Norwegian Woods line of cats, which comes from the Maine Coon family. She is sweet-tempered, and if I have to have an animal, this is the one I want. Not that she doesn't get on my nerves, but her flaws are minor.

She trusts us totally. This is the only cat I've ever seen that ACTUALLY sleeps. She does not even stir when we walk by.

She's SO soft. If I was not such a grown up I'd bury my face in her fur and go to sleep.

I tried to enlarge this a little, but you cannot see our poor cat's eyes. She went from lazily watching our youngest, to being surprised by the, shall we say, shock and awe that a toddler's siren-like scream can produce when in such close proximity. Notice, though, Minnie never even moved. Her eyes just enlarged. lol.

Yeah, I think she got over it pretty quickly. What a life!


Judy Kay said...

She is so pretty! I've tried to convince Jimmy that it would be fun to have a cat but he's not buying it just yet. I'll have to show Caroline the pictures of her namesake this afternoon! : )

Cherishing My Days said...

thanks, judy kay!
i am glad we got her as a pet and not the possessed animal i was expecting to have to take care of. lol.