Monday, May 18, 2009

Clean Laundry Makes Me Happy and Other Obsessions

MMMMMmmmmm. I am sure everyone loves the smell of clean laundry. But during the later stages of pregnancy this is an absolute need for me. I MUST smell every piece of laundry that I fold. Anyone notice how much better cotton t-shirts smell when they are clean than say, a pair of polyester jersey shorts? Natural fibers are where it's at! It's all I can do to not stick these pieces of clothing under my nose and walk around like that all day.

OOhh--I just washed this sling (that I bought at Target, since I had enough sewing waiting for me) and let it air dry. I must tell you--this thick part of the sling smells HEAVENLY. I don't know why it smells so much better than the rest of it. lol.

Speaking of obesessions--cute little toddler ankles under homemade skirts rank right up there with clean laundry.

So yes, I have been busy making the new baby some skirts too. And pay no attention to the upside down birds on both hers and her big sister's skirts. I had a 50/50 chance of getting the birds facing the right way and failed both times. But there's no WAY I am taking them apart. Upside down birds are all the rage. :P

In closing, can I ask for prayer for tomorrow? I will be having a c-section in the morning. I can't believe our baby will be here in about 24 hours. Thanks for any prayers you can find the time for!


Erin said...

I'll be praying!! I'm so excited for you!

Jennifer said...

Yeah! Tomorrow is the big day! I didn't realize you were having a c-section! How many have you had? I had one with each of the girls. I'll be praying for you!

Cherishing My Days said...

thanks for the prayers, erin!

jen--i had to have my first c-section with our last baby. she was over 10 and a half pounds and would not come out. because i had gestational diabetes with this baby they did not give me a whole lot of options on waiting (because she's on track to be another 10 pounder if i wait too long), and i could not be induced because the baby is above the incision line. seemed everywhere i turned i ran into "c-section". so you've had 3 sections? ack!

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Oh my goodness, thats so exciting. Count me among those praying! Hugs, dear one!!!

Jennifer said...

Yes, three. Cailin was breech with very low fluid. I went for a V-BAC w/ Kristen and sat at 7 for 6 hours! And Haley was planned. That's the short of it. Kristen's recovery was horrible, but Haley's was so easy. I had to move in 3 weeks so I was determined to not be in pain and get up--you know how it goes. Praying everything went well!