Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Silly girl

This is how the baby started her trip to the orhcard.

Bringing in the crop

What is it with the child and putting apricots on her eyes?

A flat full of the softest, dewiest apricots

They love this place almost as much as I do!

And here comes the summer bounty. I am willing to admit that Las Vegas has a few redeeming qualities (very few? lol)--one of them being the beautiful natural surroundings outside of town--Mount Charleston among them--and this amazing orchard. Maybe I think it's so amazing because I've not been in a place that had produce abounding and ripe for the picking since I was a kid in Germany (where things grow wild and you just take it for granted that everyone has blueberries on their hills and huge cherry trees growing in their yards), but I have to say that I am in my element when I am at the orchard. Things GROW there. And they are allowed to grow just how God intended them to--unhindered by sprays of this sort and that. And yes, the only crops right now are apricots, cucumbers and zucchini, but we can be patient. Unlike in the grocery store, there are SEASONS out here--and we'll enjoy every one. :)


Heather said...

oh those apricots look beautiful!!!

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Wow, that fruit looks so sweet! I can almost taste it. Did ya make any desserts or jams, etc with them? The are great just as they are, but they make great dishes, too.
Im so glad you got the gift. Im sure Juliet looks sweet in anything. :o) Wish I could mail myself over for a visit...hold that sweet baby of yours and visit while our kids play.
Keep blogging...I love reading how great God is blessing you and yours. :o)