Friday, June 26, 2009

A Little Salad Love

Beef and Ranch Salad:
romaine lettuce--1/4 to 1/2 a bunch
red onion--a good, thick slice of a large onion
medium tomato, cut into thick slices
chunks of good swiss cheese
several slices of steak or pot roast
ranch dressing or make your own:
sour cream
cream or milk to thin
grill seasoning (sans MSG)
fresh lime juice
sea salt
fresh cracked pepper
garlic powder
chili flakes
mix all to taste--remember, it needs to be thick and a little overseasoned to taste good on the salad. you are not eating this by the spoonful, but spread out over watery veggies.

MMmmmmm. MMMMM!
'Kay--I love salads. Maybe "love" is not a strong enough word, even. Since having our newest little one, my appetite has come back a little--for salad, anyway. The appetite for other foods is still lacking. But this little gem is what is going to enable me to lose the 25 lbs I want to lose to be what I was after I had our youngest boy, 3 pregnancies ago. Losing baby weight is not hard for me--I lost 26 lbs by the time Juliet was 3 weeks old, which is nice since I did not gain even a pound while pregnant with her. But lest anyone get jealous (because I know we women tend to do that with each others' ability to lose weight, or to stay thin) it's the OLD weight--the weight I earned living off Dr Pepper and M&Ms a couple of years ago, that mysteriously did not come off even after quitting both those habits--that still needs to come off. That will make 50 lbs in all and I think I will be pretty happy with that weight and size. So how I eat to lose weight:

*LOTS of veggies
*red meats--lamb and beef, preferably grassfed (can't eat chicken and do not eat pork)
*Wild fish--LOVE salmon
*full fat cheeses and creams and butter--preferably raw, but definitely organic if not
*good oils--coconut oil, Extra virgin olive oil
*fruits in moderation and early in the day (gotta keep the carbs up a little since I am nursing)
*walks when I can--hard to time them with the kids during the day, or bed time at night, and trying to get a shower some time in there that makes sense
*no starch or sugar other than fruit

I call this common sense. It's not a "diet" because this really is the way I try to live, knowing that I am not an athlete anymore and cannot just burn off any starches and sugar I take in. And starch does not offer any essential nutrients that cannot be gotten from other, healthier foods. I've said this before and would like to emphatically reiterate: THIS IS NOT A LOW CARB DIET. I really think diets like Atkins got a bad name because they labeled themselves "low carb"--which people took to mean "low vegetable", which is entirely untrue. But I'm not here to promote Atkins, I'm just here to say that. for me, eating a diet full of things that make sense for MY body is the way I lose weight. I can say with certainty that, while I respect those who feel best and find that they lose weight on low fat diets, I've never bought into it for myself. Low fat leaves me feeling hungry and like I've missed something somewhere in the meal. While some foods are naturally healthy low fat or fat free (veggies and fruits), foods that were meant to have fat in them seem to morph into something else entirely when made "low fat". Read the ingredients on low fat foods--always thickeners and unpronounceable stuff is added in. Sour cream goes from cream and starter cultures in it to having food starch, nonfat milk, oils--all kinds of scary stuff!--and somewhere down the long list of ingredients there is cream. Real food is simple food. I like simple. :)

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Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Now thats a salad! Yum! Hope you are recovering well, and that baby Juliet is sleeping for you. :o)