Saturday, June 13, 2009

Something God Taught Me

A few weeks ago I was following my husband back from a car dealership where we had just bought a used vehicle that gave our kids more room. I was very happy to have him out there with me because the traffic was crazy. As we made the exit to go home, my husband picked a lane that I knew was going to land him in the wrong lane to make our turn that was coming up soon, so I picked a different lane, hoping to guide him over. Turns out I got stuck being guided over--into a turning lane that was not for the street I wanted to turn on. Up ahead, my husband eased himself on over into the correct lane and there I sat in the wrong lane, and getting left behind and having to take an alternate route home.

Maybe this lesson is not crystal clear to anyone else--but boy! Was it to me! God used it to teach me a few things (all the way home, lol):
1) My husband is my protection, and even if he seems to be going the wrong way, I will be protected if I follow him.
2) I do not know everything.
3) GOD is my protection, and He is NEVER wrong, so even if I am confused by the "lane" He is choosing, it is not up to me to go my own way.

Am I a capable, independent woman with a great sense of direction? Yup. Was I right about my husband's lane choice? Yes, again. But somehow, probably because I do not know everything, my being right did not help. I still stepped out from under my husband's protection, and was guided by other people into a lane I did not want to be in. I know my way around the city, and got home fine, but I did NOT like being in that area of town without my protection.

God knows best. He put my husband over me--not because I am some naive little girl who can't think for myself, but because He knows best. He created me, and knows exactly what I need. He gave me the husband that is best for me. Now, of course, if my husband started doing something that was clearly unBiblical, I would not follow, but that's never the case. It doesn't mean I don't have a opinion, either. My husband and I discuss things almost ad nauseum, before we make a decision that is almost always what both of us feels is best. Where I run into trouble is taking authority upon myself--authority that's not mine to take--and "pick a lane" when it isn't mine to pick. I'm almost always then left out all by myself, watching my husband drive off in a direction that ended up being right in the first place.

I was so thankful for this lesson! It's burned into my brain, and I hope I never stop learning from it.


Erin said...

Oooohhh.. what an awesome analogy God gave you! It was a blessing of a reminder, thank you for sharing!!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Awesome post. (I'll be back again soon to read some more.) You have been blessed with much wisdom.

Cherishing My Days said...

thanks very much! God is good. :)