Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Creativity Has It's Way

So my friend Erin at
http://afullheart.blogspot.com/ posted about the "not back to school" blog hop (http://www.my3boybarians.com/2009/08/not-back-to-school-blog-hop-school-room-week/), and boy was I inspired. I resisted for as long as I could (I think it might have been 2.5 seconds), and decided to bug my poor husband about it. This was Friday night. He was tired and totally blew me off. Turns out even men do not want to go to Lowe's at 9pm to get their wives paint strips. Saturday morning I woke to a text from my husband asking me to guess where he was. Turns out he was at Lowe's, buying paint. ACK! What had I asked for? My husband went and bought PAINT of all things without my input? Still, I loved the surprise. So he came home with an orange that turned out to be pretty dead on for the color of this room I had been salivating over:
and a pink since I had said I could not decide between doing the room in deep pink or the orange.
So we went for it--pink and orange in one room. I thought the orange would be good to showcase more boyish stuff since my boys are surrounded by their 4 sisters and mother all day. The pink would be able to be more girly. What hubby said would have to be my project ended up being his somehow, as I found myself standing in the room watching HIM paint. lol. After he was done, I went to work using stuff we already had. A dresser for the books (each child has their own drawer), fabric tied in knots and strung across one wall to showcase art, shelves we already owned and painted white to pop against the orange. I even got a dresser inside the closet for my fabric and sewing machine so I could sew upstairs and not in our living area. The only thing I bought was some corkboard for letters and verses of the week, and a bean bag for reading (buying another one that looks more boyish when I have the funds).
So what do you think the kids wanted to do today? Yep! We started school. We started out by thanking the Lord for our new room, and for allowing us to do it almost entirely out of things we already owned. Then we got down to learning.

I love homeschooling.


Erin said...

STEPH!!!! oh MY!!! its gorgeous!!!!!
love love love it. you must be PUMPED - that room is definitely not white :)

Nicole said...

It's funny but my dh couldn't remember my blog addy and googled it and found your blog post and showed it to me.

What a wonderful husband you have who ran out and did all of that! And I have to say that I LOVE pink and orange together and think it's a great combo. Your room looks great!

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Love it, Steph! I think our little ones get inspired and excited about their education when we do. Way to make it inviting. :o)

Jessi said...

The room turned out AWESOME! I love how the orange turned out! And the fabric strip 'rope' is SO fitting...and it's perfect!

Great job!

Cherishing My Days said...

erin (who i assume is erin h?), yes, we were very excited to start using our room!

nicole--thanks so much! how funny that your dh came across my blog while looking for yours. lol!

jess--you are right! my kids have been eager to learn--well, my boys have been as eager as they can be. lol. not MUCH eagerness to work with there. ;)

jessi--thanks!! :)

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Nice job!

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

wow! that orange is wonderful! oh...the possibilities that are running through my mind, lol!

great room! hope all is well ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it! I can't wait until we have a larger home and I finally have my school/craft room!