Thursday, September 17, 2009

LOVE This Bag!

This pattern is from Anna Maria Horner's book Seams to Me. Fabric is a home decor weight fabric by Joel Dewberry. with a Bavarian brooch from Germany--I love the juxtaposition of the ultra modern print with the old fashioned-looking brooch.

The sun really got to this pic. Oh well. :)
As far as the pattern review goes--I always take such a long time when I first try a pattern because I have a hard time transferring what I am reading to what I am to be doing with my hands. But looking back on this bag, it was SO easy to make! The book shows 32 steps, but I hope no one is intimidated by that. The steps can really be broken down into, like...six maybe: cut the fabric, sew the little corners for the gussets, put on interfacing, sewing outer bag together, repeat for lining, sew lining and outer bag together, sew on bias strips. Oh, and sew on button or affix brooch. Okay, so that was 8 steps, but it's just as easy as it sounds.
There were a few things about the pattern that were either not clear to me (but once again, I have trouble with that), or were too detailed (like how to sew up one side of the bag and down the other. The directions included how to turn the corner and pick up the presser foot, which I think is probably unnecessary), but by and large, the patterns in this book tend to be much less annoying than the ones I have used from Amy Butler, although I love the results from both pattern makers. I also used ready made bias tape because, well, I just don't think I have the heart to make my own right now, only to have it not be right. I have visions of myself throwing fabric and sewing machines out my front door. Not good.
So all in all, my girl Anna Maria did a great job with this little bag! I foresee many being made for my relatives and friends for Christmas.

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