Friday, October 23, 2009

Grateful For This 3 Year Old

I thought I'd dedicate this post to 10 or so reasons I am thankful for our little 3 year old. Can't list everything, of course, but it'll be nice to take time out to list things for which I am REALLY grateful to have all the little people God has entrusted to my husband and I.

16. She is SO tender hearted.

17. She really tries her dead-level best to be obedient, even though sometimes (okay many times) her mischeivousness prevents that.

18. She wants to be just like mom. This is both SO endearing and extremely humbling. Not sure I really want any of my girls to be JUST like me.

19. She loves to help.

20. she loves to be in the kitchen and seems to love food and cooking as much as I do. I am praying that she will be as un-picky as I am when it comes to things she will eat.

21. She looks like me. This is a little embarasssing to list as something to be thankful for, but her curls and green eyes are very reminiscent of my 3 year old pics and it makes me feel....I don't know, like I actually PARTICIPATED in the whole process of bringing these children into the world. Most of my kids are a carbon copy of their daddy! lol. I LOVE him and them, but come on--can't a girl get a gene in here and there? :P

22. She loves to snuggle. She's kinda stingy with her kisses (which as her mother, I say is GREAT! Don't kiss those boys, either! ), but she freely hugs and snuggles--really breaks down the chilly exterior I can have.

23. She has POTTY TRAINED (okay, months ago, but I am still reveling in the fact that for the first time since our first child was born, I have ONE baby in diapers)!!

24. She is an unashamed girl.

25. She can sing the continents song because she comes to school just like the other kids and INSISTS on learning. I'm not a big fan of preschool, but hey--when a kid WANTS to learn, they will!

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Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Oh, so precious! Thanks for sharing. What a little light in your home, eh? Isnt it amazing how you can find so many special and individual traits about each child...all so different, yet, they all came from the same two people. We are all so unique and finely orchestrated by our Heavenly Father!!! Great clip!