Saturday, January 2, 2010

My "No-Resolutions" Resolutions.

Happy new year! I hope it been a good one for you so far.
So I do not write down resolutions, and really, I think they are pointless because they only make me feel bad about myself when I do not fulfill them.
However, I do feel it's a good time to reevaluate things and natural to want to be excited about what you'd like to see in your life in the new year.
As you see in the picture above, I am NOT skinny. However, I try to keep myself from gaining tons of weight by eating real food, and not too much sugar and starch. I've learned over the course of about 10 years what works for my body--not to make me model thin, but to keep me feeling healthy and prevent getting too big. There are things I believe are true for EVERY body, since God created us all equal:
*Eat real food. If God did not make it, it's not for your body. Eating diet versions of real or junk food is not healthy, no matter how "low fat" it is.
*Activity is good.
Here's more specifically what works for me, and where I learned it:
*Sugar will make me fat (Atkins, Mercola). If I eat sugar, it needs to be the real thing, and needs to be worth it. No eating empty calories that I am not really enjoying. No sodas--gave them up going on 3 years now, and I have never looked back.
*Similarly, starch will make me fat (Atkins, Mercola). They, of course, have more to offer as far as nutrients than sugary things, so if God made them for food (potatoes and rice), they are not unhealthy, but I know I have to be active if I eat them. No loading up on a plate of spaghetti if I know I will have a slow day. Those noodles will show up on the scale and on my thighs the next day.
*I need to eat when I am hungry and not when I am not (The Weigh Down). Eating because the clock says it's time to does not work, except for maybe a piece of cheese if I feel I'm going to be busy at the time when I will be hungry and need to head it off. But to just eat a meal because "it's dinner time" does my figure no favors.
*Salads and other veggies are my best friend (plain ol' trial and error). I eat them all the time and feel they keep me cleaned out and my skin clear.
* Fat is NOT the enemy (Nourishing Traditions, Mercola, The Maker's Diet). Good fats, that is. Fats that God made for food are good for me. New fats like most vegetable oils and anything hydrogenated are not food that we have had in our food supply for a long time, and are, in fact, industrial foods that are not good for our bodies. The fats I eat most often are virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and butter. Good butter from pastured cows cannot be matched.
*Activity is great for me. makes me feel invigorated and energetic. However, running is NOT something I enjoy. I have tried the couch to 5K program so many times and was a sprinter in high school. But I have never once in my life enjoyed running for pleasure. I DO enjoy a good walk, though, and especially a hike. Whatever you enjoy, it's always good to get the blood pumping, but one need not be obsessed. God created us walking, not sweating it out on the elliptical machine.
So my goals are to do what I know I should do as far as health. Knowing and doing can be far apart sometimes, though! Good luck to me--and you too if you are untaking a goal! :)

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