Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Shop

Life has just taken over lately! I've been a teeny bit busy homeschooling, being pregnant, and opening up a new shop. It's called Ruby's Vineyard over at Etsy.
I've been in the mood at actually sew and take care of a shop, so I figured I'd do it while I had the bug, because it surely will not stay. :)
Plus, who can resist chubby legs and ankles in skirts?
Apparently not me. :)


Erin said...

Argh! I really need a girl around here, those are SOOOO cute!! I'm not sure which is cuter, the skirts or the little feet!

Heather said...

I adore your skirts!!!
I have GOT to learn to sew!

Cherishing My Days said...

Erin--although I LOVE being a mom to boys, I do lament that there's not much I can make for them. Not skirts, anyway! lol. I can't wait to see who you've been blessed with this time!

lol, Heather! I would even START learning to sew with these skirts. They are that easy!