Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 2: Wyoming, Home on the Range

We started our morning in Park City, Utah, which is gorgeous! Soon we were in Wyoming. What an awe-inspiring state!
While much of the state looks like this, with these wooden thingies we had never seen before (we can only assume they were to keep the snow away from the road?) and deserty-looking plains,
There was also this: wind farms and snow-capped mountains in the distance,
And this: red bluffs and plateaus with rivers and reservoires.
Ah, Casper. There's a funny little story that could go here involving a school bus, a false accusation, and the nicest highway patrolman ever, who gave our kids Wyoming Highway Patrol change holders, but I probably don't need to go into that. :)
Five pictures are not even close to being enough to highlight this state of only half a million hardy souls, but it's all I've got. What a beautiful, stark, lonely place to be. I'm glad I finally spent 15 hours there!


Shannon said...

Love this post and your pics! Do tell that story, via email, if you wish! I need a good laugh!!! :o) And the wooden thing-a-ma-bobbers...yeah, saw them in much of Idaho I believe. Your guess is a good one. I haven't a clue what they are used for. LOL

Cherishing My Days said...

I guess it wasn't so much a hilarious, laugh out loud story as it is one of those that only time and space allow you to laugh at.
We were coming into Casper and saw a bus on the other side of the highway. It was slowing down, but no red lights, no stop signs, and hadn't even completely stopped. Chris had slowed down, but when the bus kept going, so did he. We stopped at Walmart for a potty break and snacks. I stayed out to nurse and it wasn't long before a highway patrolman came to my van. He started asking me questions and told me their had been a complaint about our vehicle's passing a stopped schoolbus. I assured him the bus was not stopped but that my husband would be out soon. The next hour was filled with talking to the officer, then eventually the accuser on the phone. She had her facts all wrong and had accused my husband of passing the school bus when her daughter was already getting off, which would have been impossible. She and Chris did not get along too well and the conversation went south. My dad then got on and somehow talked her into dropping the charges. We were going to have to get Chris back to Wyoming for his court date within a month because there was no "pay the ticket and go on your way" option. Anyway, after all that, the highway patrolman who had been so kind asked how many kids we had and handed me 5 Wyoming Highway Patrol coin holders. Such a nice guy. And that is the not so funny story of how I spent 15 hours in Wyoming one long day.