Monday, June 13, 2011

Vegas Behind Us

There it is. We're saying goodbye.....
Ah, Utah. Lovely, green Utah.
I love getting these pictures, so I can see both what's in front of me and what's behind me at the same time. It's nice when that happens in real life too.
This was so amazingly green to our Vegas eyes. Such a change in just a few short hours.
Sunset in Utah. This is the land of "Purple Mountains Majesty". I will put forth my utmost effort to be back someday.

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Shannon said...

Love your photos! Especially the one in the mirror--genius! I miss WA state and all of its glory. :( Green, NOT hot as a firecracker. It's hot and we are in a severe drought in TX. This is not how I remember it. It's not very green here, and it's dry and HOT! Did I mention it's hot? Okay, I shall quit complaining and go back and count my blessing! Love ya!!!