Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October's Here!

Probably an odd time to post pics of my peppers blooming, but that's what they're doing nonetheless.
National Sewing Month slid right past me without my having even cut out one project. But in the first 2 days of October I managed to get 2 projects done. So can we just call October Campbell Household Sewing Month? Yes, I think we can. :)
Here's a dress I made using Made by Rae's Itty Bitty Baby Dress Tutorial and Anna Maria Horner's fabrics. The owner of that foot is also the owner of the dress.
My goodness, such saturated, happy colors.
And the dress tutorial is incredibly easy and adorable.
I hope things are fine over your way! Happy Fall!


Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Oh so pretty dress for an oh-so-pretty baby! I think I get more productive in the Fall...mainly because the cooler weather means less time to soak in the sun (and the pool) with more time on indoor projects. (our warm/hot season is so short that all indoor things cease to exist while we enjoy the great outdoors) Many productive day to come! :o)

Cherishing My Days said...
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Cherishing My Days said...

Thanks, Jess! I agree about productivity's picking up in the fall. Summers are so miserable here I want to do exactly nothing. But when fall comes it's time to decorate and sew. It's just a rule. :P