Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Facebook-less Life

Facebook is one of those things, like alot of things in life, that can be good or bad. I signed up a few years ago and didn't use it alot at first. About a year into my membership, I really discovered it. It was a good way to keep in touch with my local homeschool moms and all our activities. It was a fun place to be, and share my life with people I had not seen into 20 years or so.

I liked it a little too much. Once I got Internet on my phone it was like every time I sat down (not much sitting going on here, except in the car, while nursing, etc) I was checking Facebook. I would check it while standing at the stove cooking, while waiting on anything or anyone, even while trying to homeschool. I didn't post alot, but I sure did read alot!

Then came the constant stream of privacy concerns. Facebook seemed to be in a war with me over who was going to control who I wanted to see what. I don't really blame them. Someone said it well that Facebook is a business whose primary goal is to make money, not protect my privacy. I had the option to opt out if I had such a problem with what they did. And I did. I had a problem with it. A friend said that it had a "Big Brother" feel to it, a way for us to be watched while feeling friendly and perfectly innocent. That might sound paranoid, but I saw her point.

For me, Facebook had become bad-- more of a liability than an asset. It took me a few weeks to take a deep breath and get up the courage to tell it goodbye. I made sure I told my friends and got emails from several and am making a concerted effort to step back a decade or so and keep up with friends with email.

It's been about 3 weeks now since I requested to have my account deleted. I must be honest and say that I did go through about a week of restlessness when I wanted to check Facebook. It was almost a period of mourning where I simply missed being in touch, and seeing people's daily lives. I do still wonder " how is so and so doing?" and " I wonder how that situation worked out for this person". But I figure email is good for that too, if not as instant. Do I need more instant in my life? Nope. If anything, I need things to be slower. Technology is rushing us faster and faster to fit in more and more, and be more and more impatient. I personally need to slow down and have less delivered to me at my every whim. And if people really want to keep in touch, there are always ways. If the effort is not made, then it wasn't that important in the first place. Priorities dictate that those important to me hear from me once in awhile.

So here I am! And I'm on email too. If you don't have my email, let me know!
PS: this not not meant to be an authoritative post on the rightness or wrongness of Facebook. I don't believe it is wrong at all. It was just wrong for me. :)


Shannon said...

WOW...I can relate SOOOO much to this post! Last week I took FB off my phone on the main screen, so that it wasn't wasy to access. So far, that has worked beautifully! I've cheated and gotten on a couple of times this week, and plan to step back from it again over the next few days. I am honestly scared to delete mine for what I will miss out on. But you are right, there is too much instant gratification, and we need to SLOW down and have simplicity in life. I feel the Lord calling me to simplicity and rest. FB doesn't provide rest, it is a time waster for me most of the time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :o)

Cherishing My Days said...

You're right there, Shannon. That's what kept me on for so long even after I was irritated about FB's privacy issues. I was just thinking "how am I going to stay in touch?". But I guess I had just reached a tipping point. I also don't have internet on my phone anymore, so it isn't a compulsion to constantly be checking, because I can't. lol.

Manda @ Lambs In His Arms said...

I totally understand. I deleted mine for about 5 months because I realized I was tired of the drama, wasting time reading updates I didn't need to read, and concerned about the viruses going around. I have reactivated it and honestly, I am still wasting time reading updates when I could I be reading something more profitable. I'm glad you're still blogging so I can see what you're up to, and I'll send you my email! <3 Manda :)

Cherishing My Days said...

Manda, I have no doubt I'd still be wasting time if I went back too. :)