Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Beach

February is my husband's and my month. Our birthdays are in this month as well as Valentine's Day. We have fun together.
Our visit to the beach was short but meaningful. I got a ton of pictures, but this one kept wanting to run off.
But this face! Ok, so worth the trip to make this one happy.
Our failed attempt at a family picture.
My little mama. She ran all the way back on the boardwalk because she "didn't want me to be all alone back here!". So sweet.


Shannon said...

Love the pics! The kiddos are growing up so fast, friend. :( I'm glad you all had a fun time at the beach. When is your birthday?

Amy and Cat said...

I just want to make you aware that you were standing on the lovely ATLANTIC beach and wearing a LAS VEGAS shirt: CRIME of CRIMES! :) How funny. I guess, it would be a nice reminder that you were no longer living on Mars any longer. :) Juliet's curls are to. die. for. So pretty!

Cherishing My Days said...

Shannon, I know. They really are getting so big! Time goes too fast.

Amy, I never even realized! Lol. We are actually on the gulf, not the Atlantic, but I get your point. If I actually looked in the mirror anymore I might have seen that! Ha. Juliet's curls are the object of envy. I love them!

Amy and Cat said...

Are you kidding me? If I had your face and curls, I'd be in the mirror all the time! mmm-hmm. vain. me. yup.



Cherishing My Days said...

Lol, Amy! You are entirely too sweet.

Anonymous said...

Miss Amy, you and mommy are FUNNY!!!