Monday, February 20, 2012

Really meaningful video

I don't know how to directly post videos to my blog, but this commercial by the restaurant chain Chipotle brings tears to my eyes and is worth watching.
They are also coming out with a movie by the same name, about a farmer who takes his farm from an industrial one to a sustainable one. God bless all those farmers that have the courage to do the same.


Amy and Cat said...

Oh my goodness, it brought me to tear up too. And since a huge part of the population is quite visual - this simple little video probably makes a larger impact that some think. I'm sure it touches the core of you, because it is what you are longing to do. :)

P.S. I couldn't pull it up on the link that was in the email, but I'm hoping this was it:

Cherishing My Days said...

Thank you, for pointing that out, Amy. I used your link instead. I don't seem to be able to hyperlink it and get it to work, so those who want to see the video will have to copy and paste to their address bar.