Saturday, September 1, 2012

August in Nine Pictures

 Birthday Girl
 Sewing Room (hopefully to be more organized, but I'm not holding my breath)
 Birthday party for the birthday girl
 Granite (not done yet!)
 Beautiful Food

More family


Shannon said...

Loved the pics! Okay, is birthday girl Hope? That cannot be her! She's growinh up so quick...and look at her long hair!!!

Your kitchen looks beautiful! We talked about granite. I'm too cheap! LOL Eventually we might upgrade and put in a farmhouse sink too.

Your beautiful food looks yummy! May I have the recipe?

Hugs froms Texas...Shannon

Cherishing My Days said...

Shannon, the birthday girl is ANNA! She is 12 now. Can't believe it. Thanks about the granite. I had some....shall we say....major reservations about spending the money on it. I am just happy to put everything in savings or pay off bills (or give it away!). But Chris saw it as a long term investment toward to value of our house, possibly being a selling point in the future. He has a very valid point. And I LOVE farmhouse sinks! Ours is just a big, single bowl stainless sink. I'm in love with being able to fit all my dishes in the sink!
The food: the first picture is just antipasti--platters of little bites of cheeses, salami, turkey, olives, roasted red pepper, tomatoes and some Dijon. The salad is made from the antipasti, with the addition of onions and parsley and a dressing of olive oil and lemon (just drizzled on). I found the antipasti had enough salt for me so I didn't add any. I don't generally eat pork so I try to find an all beef salami.

Cherishing My Days said...

Oops! Forgot the flatbread crackers for the antipasti, but the kids didn't even eat them. Lol

Shannon said...

That's Anna?? WOW!!! Okay, so Hope is the oldest and then Anna, correct? Anna has grown so much! :)

Oh I can totally understand your husband's view point on the long-term investment! Your house looks like it belongs in a "granite" neighborhood...meaning, most folks looking for a home in your neighborhood would expect to find it. Yes, it is a major selling point nowadays! Would you believe the people who had the house (we bought and live in now) custom built had formica put in the kitchen? And 1980's fixtures from gold ceiling fans to door knobs and really ugly sink faucets! LOL So the house is still like that because I am too cheap to spend the money--actually, we just don't have the extra $ right now. Little by little we are making very small upgrades in the future.

Thank you for the food info!!! Looks wonderful and I will be going to the store on Wednesday to get these items and make my own for lunch!!! :)

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

Love the pics of you all. :o) And if I might ask, what is the sandy looking area behind your backyard? Is that beach or park right there? What a beautiful view your backyard gives you. :o) And plenty of room to garden, if you ever feel so inclined..or for whatever floats your boat. ;o)

Amy and Cat said...

I still can't get over the size of that yard....or state park, as it should be called. ha. Anna is gorgeous and looks like Chris more everyday. And I do think food photography is your make me hungry everytime!

Cherishing My Days said...

Shannon, everyone in this neighborhood has Formica as far as we know. Our neighborhood does *look* upscale-ish, but we are in the country in a small town. Plus, all the builders want to put in one of three granites that everyone seems to get, so I think most people just say "forget it". We too are doing small changes slowly. Being a new house we have to be careful to not over improve and not rebuy the house replacing brand new stuff. Lol!

Jess, yes! I do feel inclined to garden! This month sometime, actually! I'll be starting our winter garden. The sandy area is just a cleared lot for a house that they are building (almost done now). We don't have dirt here, just sand. Lol. We're about an hour from the beach.

Amy--thanks! Anna really is such a doll. And so talented. And a food photographer? Such a dream of mine!

Cluck said...

Wow! I did not recognize Anna, either. She has really changed. Beautiful young lady!

Cherishing My Days said...

Thanks, Kathy! It really is hard to believe the change in my older girls in the last year.