Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Color

 Last week I was on a mission to prove to myself that Florida does have fall color. Out here in (sorta) the country, things are in full bloom. Almost like a second spring.
I had to park myself on the side of highways to get these, but that's where all the beauty is--NOT in subdivisions.
 I think most of these are weeds, but they are so delicate and pretty!

 Ah, ragweed. You vex my husband so with your beautiful presence.
These look positively winter-like!
So yes, we do have fall color. Just.....not on the trees. lol. I hope October is beautiful where you are.


Hope.C said...

Hahahaha! Yeah, and there's a funny story behind her escapade too. lol The van was almost out of gas, so, instead of risking taking us all somewhere and having to walk back home, she took the van herself and she said if she had to walk home she would take a nature trail to get these pics. LOL But, alas, she got the gas in the van, whereas I was hoping I could catch video of her walking up the driveway and hold it over head forever. :-( ;-D

Shannon said...

Hope!!! ;)

Love your pics! We don't have Fall Foliage here either. Leaves fall, but typically more in the winter, and you don't see the different shades of rust and reds like you see in those pictures of the FF of the east! We do have a little gem about two hours away from here called Lost Maples State Park that we are going to try to go see that has beautiful FF! :)

Cherishing My Days said...

Way to root for mom, Hope. :P

Shannon, I remember San Antonio as not having much color either. How abou hill country? Is it more just scrub trees, or any maple or oaks?

Hope.C said...

Sorry mom. I just thought it was funny.

Hope.C said...
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Cherishing My Days said...

It was funny. :)