Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Garden--A Poem of Extraordinary Meaning

 The sun rises on my yard. And I am greeted by
my sprigs.
The tiny fruits are working hard to become plums, blueberries and figs.
The man, children, and wife toil the day away.

Mush! Mush! No time to play! 

Then I hear the clarion call
of a toddler so small

crying "nap time, Mom!" Bye y'all!


Amy and Cat said...

haha! So cute. I can see the beauty that your yard is waiting to become! How lovely and exciting.......and if you move to Texas, you'll never see it all! :) (hint. hint.) (Unless we get to OK or MO, THEN the sooner you move- the better. ha. :))

Cherishing My Days said...

Lol, Amy! Yeah, I think if you guys got orders to Tyndall I'd want to wait a little while to move. But if you get blessed with MO or OK, I'm OUTA here! :)

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

How exciting, Steph! Love the fruit trees. We have a fig also. Isnt it exciting?! Pray over your trees, if you havent already. We had a diseased fig, chopped it way down, my mom prayed over it, and it bounced back like you wouldnt believe. Have fun with it all! Love, Jess

Cherishing My Days said...

Great advice, Jess! I win and sure to do that, especially since we've started to have 30s overnight.

Cup of Joe with three sugars said...

30's at night? will you get snow? We wrap our fig in burlap for the winter. That may be something you will have to do eventually. Google it for more info if you are interested.

Melissa Bishop said...

Thank you for stopping by.