Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Iphone Pics from the Last 4 Months of 2012

 Family Visit, August
We had some stormy skies this summer!
 Niece and Nephew visit, August

 Hubby had all the kids outside, washing all of the dining chairs.

 Bowling Day. Our kids are not such great bowlers--just like their mom.

 Fort building
 Reminiscing about the last 16 years...
 One of the many self portraits this child takes of herself.
 In Daddy's shoes
 FINALLY cool enough for a walk without dying, late October
 Trying to start our garden/orchard

 Candy Apple night!
 Playing bed time
 Christmas in Florida

 Learning how to crochet at a local yarn shop
Haircut necessitated by scissor experimtation by a certain 3 year old.


Amy and Cat said...

Oh, I love all of those pics!! Juliana's hair looks so cute shorter (even though I know's not fun to cut hair for the reason you had to...). That pic of you and Liberty is hilarious. It's crazy the looks our faces can contort into!

Erin said...

Love it! So great to see pics of you all. I can't believe how BIG your big girls are getting! So grownup looking :) I had to laugh at the picture of you guys in "summer clothes" with the tree with Christmas decorations....
:) ErinH

Cherishing My Days said...

Amy and Cat--which one are you? Lol. There were 357 pics on my phone. Some of them I had forgotten about. It's so funny to see what went on in just 4 months.

Erin! So good to hear from you! I bet our Florida warmth seems like madness at Christmas (and it is. It really is)! We were at 72 degrees as a high today. Gorgeous weather for sure. But I would so like to wear WINTER clothes in DECEMBER. Lol. I hope you and yours are doing well!

Shannon said...

As always, love the pics! You guys have had the kids busy. Looks like such fun--all the things you guys d0. :) I will have to check into crocheting lessons for Evan. He wants to learn to "knit."