Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November's Beauty and Celebrations

 WE had such a busy month! This one turned two. She's such a little morsel.

This is our GRASS. Crazy, right? It turns red too!
                                                        Always ready with a smile!

 We had thirteen people for Thanksgiving. See my parents do their best "overfed" impressions.
 I got a picture of my husband. SMILING. It's like getting a picture of a snipe. And we thought it was only legend....
 Food: the way to this girl's heart...
 Speaking of food..salad is always my favorite at any feast...
 This is the only tree in my town that looks like this, that I know of. It is gorgeous! The sign said it was a Chinese Pistachio.
 Must get one!
 We painted pictures to hang up in our Christmas room. The kids loved doing this!

 We finished off with getting our Christmas tree the last week of November. Let Christmas begin!


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to Libby! I hear you on being busy. I went out of town the first part of November, had my 34th b-day, followed by Thanksgiving and Ethan's birthay (and the fundraiser and some sewing thrown in there)! Is it January yet? ;) Merry Christmas!

Amy and Cat said...

The mark of a true neatnik is making your kids paint outside. Hilarious. We have jumped to the dark side while living here and purchased a real, live, plastic tree of our own. Her name is Mildred and I love her. She goes from box to upright and lit in about 2 minutes, 15 seconds. :)

Cherishing My Days said...

Ha, Shannon! I know, November/December are crazy. We never had a fall birthday here until Libbie came along, so that turned an already busy time into.....chaos? Desperately throwing together celebrations? All of the above? :P

Amy, OR it is the sign of the wife of a neatnik....one who cannot bear to hear the mourning of a man who has paint on anything anywhere near his house. And I am gasping here over Mildred! I'm shocked, I tell you! :)